Factors to Consider When Rewarding Your Employees

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Published: 20th December 2010
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A whole ant community survives rainy seasons because they have food in store. They have food to eat because of the hard work done by each and every ant. Think of the ant community as your company and the ants as your employees. Nothing can really be accomplished without them. When good results have been delivered to you, it is appropriate to show appreciation by giving them recognition awards.

Based on the reinforcement theory of motivation, you will be able to motivate your laborers by stimulating either a positive or a negative reinforcer. Positive reinforcement is said to be more effective. Rewarding your employees is an example of positive reinforcement. The employees are given an additional reason to perform their best when rewards await them.

There are many ways of rewarding employees. The type of reward you can give depends on many factors. One factor is the frequency of rewarding. For example, your company might want to give out a reward monthly to the "employee of the month". You can also give out rewards annually during an annual ceremony or include people who have reached their quota to an annual trip somewhere.

Another factor you have to consider when choosing the type of reward is the kind of achievement the employee or employees have reached. Imagine just giving a certificate of appreciation to an agent who was able to close a million-dollar deal, or giving a month-long vacation to Spain, all expenses paid, to one who managed to submit his report on time. Seems ridiculously inappropriate, right? You have to reward an employee based on the level of achievement done.

Your company's budget is also a very important factor. If your company has seas of cash to spend, it would be a lot easier. You can give out extravagant incentives. But in this case, you have to take the previous factor into careful consideration. If your company has a fixed and little budget for rewards, it is not so hard either. You can be creative and resourceful when giving rewards. Simple things like business plaques and corporate awards are ideal to give. You can also give out game or concert tickets, handsome engraved pens or other inexpensive but artistic ideas. Be creative!

Finally, the factor you should never forget is the employees' own preference. It is essential that you give voice to the laborers regarding the types of rewards they want to receive. This way, when they know the reward that awaits them is or is close to what they want, they can become more motivated. You can place a suggestion box along the office hallway and inform them you'd like to know what they want. Giving voice to everyone in the company always makes it a better one.

Employees may not be pillars of a structure, but they are the steps you use to reach the rooftop. Taking care of them will take your company to its desired destination.

Lisa Harris is a creative writer with major emphasis on self help and recognition programs for the better good of self awareness and social responsibility.

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